Pride 2024

Our Pride 2024 collection is here - thank you for shopping queer instead of at big-corporate rainbow capitalist stores!

Queer Goods & Fundraising

It’s what we’ve been doing since 2014!

Capsule 24.1

Our first collection of 2024. There's something for the subtle gays and the flamboyant folks, the guys, gals, and beyond, everyone. Take a look through our new collection and add some staples to your closet.

Austin-Based & Queer-Owned

Chris Rhodes (he/him) and Courtney Rhodes (she/her) are the creative identical twins behind FLAVNT Streetwear.

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The Core Collection

The Bareskin Binder

The first binder created in a range of skin tones for a “shirtless”experience. Now available in 7 colors and 7 sizes for $49.99 + shipping and applicable taxes.

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How do you say “FLAVNT”?

It’s “flaunt” as in “flaunt yourself!”

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$50k+ raised

for gender-affirming surgeries & LGBTQIA+ causes