Capsule 24.1

Our newest, possibly queerest, collection yet. There's something for the subtle gays and the flamboyant folks, the guys, gals, and beyond, everyone. Take a look through our new collection and add some staples to your closet.

Queer Goods & Fundraising

It’s what we’ve been doing since 2014!

Austin-Based & Queer-Owned

Chris Rhodes (he/him) and Courtney Rhodes (she/her) are the creative identical twins behind FLAVNT Streetwear.

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The Core Collection

The Bareskin Binder

The first binder created in a range of skin tones for a “shirtless”experience. Now available in 7 colors and 7 sizes for $49.99 + shipping and applicable taxes.

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How do you say “FLAVNT”?

It’s “flaunt” as in “flaunt yourself!”

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$50k+ raised

for gender-affirming surgeries & LGBTQIA+ causes