Stay Pretty & Give Back.

We are a brand by queer people, for queer people. We don’t believe in men’s or women’s clothing, we just make clothes that promote self-confidence and self-love. Be proud of who you are. FLAVNT it.

We absolutely believe that everyone should give back to their community as much as possible, however they can. We use our social visibility to show the world that not everyone fits into the gender/social binary and nobody has to. We feature gay, straight, queer, and trans models in an attempt to highlight a community that is often overlooked. Additionally, our manufacturing team for our Bareskin Binders is run by a woman of color and features an all-woman team here in Texas, supporting a local female-owned business. This paired with our donations are just a couple ways that we try and give back continually to the people who help to support our brand and our vision.

A Brief Intro

FLAVNT Streetwear is an Austin-based independent clothing brand for everyone within and anyone who supports the LGBTQ+ community. Started with the goal of creating clothes that promote confidence and pride, FLAVNT is all about being comfortable with who you are and flaunting that to the world. We promote this message of self-love and confidence through our designs and actions by supporting the LGBTQ community as a whole, as well as impacting individual lives through our donation initiatives.

  • Chris


    Co-Owner and Designer, pro selfie-taker

    Chris is one half of FLAVNT Streetwear and is Courtney's identical twin. Chris is trans, which makes helping trans people out very near and dear to his heart. The original "Pretty Boy", Chris first created our bestselling shirt for himself and soon realized the design resonated with all types of people. This very idea is what sparked FLAVNT Streetwear into action. The name "FLAVNT" was also Chris’ doing, partly inspired by the fact that Courtney has always thought that if Chris were an animal he’d be a peacock. Chris is the social media wiz kid and the pretty face most of you know, but he really is so much more than just good looks and a full set of 32 teeth. He works full time at FLAVNT alongside creating content on social media and is a father to furry pups named Granger and Finn, and cat named Chunk. He recently released his first book of poems, ablaze, and is 1/3 of the podcast queerforit).

  • Courtney


    Co-Owner and Designer, Executive Lady Gay

    Courtney is the other half of the FLAVNT partnership; she helps design, promote, and run the business and is the mastermind behind some of your favorite designs. Both "Gender Roles Are Dead" illustrations were created by Courtney, along with some of your favorite phrases on FLAVNT t-shirts. She is also to blame for most of the captions on instagram and tiktok — so if something is painfully corny or makes you crack a smile, blame her. Aside from FLAVNT, Courtney is a graphic designer, and tattoo artist in her own private studio -- you can book with her here. She is the proud cat-mother to two cat-sons who are menaces but she loves them more than she could love a human baby. She has also made it her goal to watch every show with a lesbian storyline (Stumptown is her fave currently) and knows way more sports trivia than any person should. She is also 1/3 of the podcast queerforit.

  • Drew


    Digital Marketing & Customer Service

    Drew is a trans guy living in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife Natalie, and their son, Ollie. He handles most customer inquiries for FLAVNT while also working full-time as a Search Marketing Specialist. Drew is also a long-time supporter and rep of FLAVNT. A few years back, he bought the original “Pretty Boy” design and has been in love with the brand since. Drew has been on testosterone since February 2015 and had top surgery in September 2019 (he was our 10th partnership from August - October 2018 YAY DREW!). He is active on most social media under the handle @DrewskiParker as a trans advocate and educator.

  • Riley



    Riley is an incredibly talented photographer here in Austin, TX. She mostly shoots weddings, LGBTQIA+ weddings being her faves -- but she is also available for any fun project you could think of. You can check out Riley's work and schedule your own session with her on her website.