Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the store based?

We live and work in Austin, TX.

How long will my order take to get to me?

Orders generally take 6-12 business days to process and then 2-5 business days domestically in transit.

How do you say "FLAVNT"?

FLAVNT is pronounced "flaunt". Like "if you've got it, flaunt it". We're both designers and we decided we liked how a V looked in the word better than a U. Screw phonetics, we're all about aesthetics.

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

Please take your time to consider our size charts for each item/email us with sizing questions before you order to minimize the chances of needing to return. This is especially important if you are purchasing a Bareskin Binder.

However, we will happily exchange domestic orders for wrong sizes or based on preference, simply message us, then pay to ship the item back (WITH TRACKING PROVIDED) and we will ship you the exchange once we receive the original item. EXCHANGES MUST BE SENT BACK TO US WITHIN 14 DAYS OF DELIVERY. PLEASE NOTIFY US IF YOU ARE SHIPPING SOMETHING BACK TO US. 

We only accept unworn/like-new products in exchanges. If you return a damaged or dirty product back to us you will not be given a full refund. If a binder is returned to us damaged (with popped seams, tears, snags, etc.) and/or with deodorant stains on it (or any other defect, our policy is to charge a 40% restocking fee because the item is no longer sellable and we will issue a partial refund of 60% of the item’s original value. We appreciate your understanding and appreciate your business.

Unfortunately due to an overwhelming number of international exchanges and the cost we have to take on due to that (and a higher risk of those exchanges getting lost/taking an excessive amount of time to reach us), ALL INTERNATIONAL SALES ARE FINAL.

Due to the nature of our business (being that 15% of all sales are actually a donation to our current fundraiser) we only allow full returns on a case-to-case basis at our discretion. If a return is requested due to preference or a change of mind, we reserve the right to refuse a full refund and do not compensate for shipping costs.

If your order is returned to us as a return to sender due to a mistake on your part (insufficient address, you've moved, you missed a delivery and did not follow up with your post office, etc.) you will have to pay for shipping a second time. We have had far too many people incorrectly enter their address/leave off apartment numbers and it results in a huge amount of return to sender packages. So PLEASE CHECK AND THEN DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFO.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who contacts us with hostility via our website, email, and social media. Please try and address your emails courteously and remember that we are people on the other end of your request. Also provide us with an informative subject line along with your name you used/order number from your order so we can handle your request ASAP.

Do you accept orders placed from outside of the US?

We sure do! However, shipping time and cost will reflect that. Also, ALL INTERNATIONAL SALES ARE FINAL (unless of course we make some sort of mistake), so please take a look at our size charts/shoot us an email regarding sizing if you are not 100% sure what size you need.

Additionally we try our best to make sure that customs charges are covered and ship our items as "gifts" rather than "commercial sold items" but cannot always guarantee that every country's customs will be accommodating. International shipments may be subject to local duties and taxes, which are to be paid by the customer not by FLAVNT.

Why are your processing times what they are?

Every order is printed on-demand, which means that our processing times are a little longer than other shops. Most orders take between 6-12 business days to ship out. Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive via USPS depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. Tracking is included in your shipping notification email (if for some reason you don't receive this info shoot us an email). International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks.

Keep in mind that we are a 2-person printing team so we try our best to keep on top of things so you will receive your item in a timely manner. COVID-19 has lead to significant supply chain and postal delays and Holidays are very busy for us and will slow down order processing and shipping due to the sheer volume of orders we get, so please keep that in mind when ordering. Additionally, bleached tees may take a bit longer on average (especially weather permitting) as creating them is a slightly lengthier endeavor.

What if I need something by a certain date?

If you have a time deadline for receiving your package (especially if you are not in the US) please contact us and let us know. Ask us if your deadline is feasible and we will do our best to try and make it happen. We usually ship out twice a week, and you will receive a notification when your item is shipped. However, once we ship out packages they are in the hands of the USPS, we provide tracking information which should help ease your mind on the time frame for your delivery but if you are an international customer, your order can take up to 12 weeks to deliver so there are no guarantees on delivery time.

How does my order help the community?

A portion of proceeds goes towards fundraising for our fundraising partner when we have one. If we are not currently partnered with someone we donate to organizations and causes relevant to our community. Additionally, your purchase helps support a fully-queer team at FLAVNT. We are 50% trans-owned and operated and the other 50% of our team is made up of queer women.

What if I want FLAVNT to help sponsor me as well?

When we are actively fundraising for an individual we are not accepting other applicants. That being said, sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media because we will post when we are seeking our next fundraising partner. We want to give 100% of our focus to helping whoever we are currently working with before we move on to helping our next partner. We plan to do so with all individuals we take on in the future as well.

If you are wondering what our requirements are for partnerships -- the basics are: 18+, trans/gender non-conforming, seeking gender-affirming surgery of some sort, and you are willing to promote our brand because we are something you believe in/support.

That being said, if you still would like to rep our clothing or promote us/model be on the lookout for when we are accepting rep applications on our site, you can email us if you think you're a strong applicant outside of these time frames and that we could mutually benefit one another by working together.

What if I don't see my size?

If a shirt is sold out for a certain size, we will do our best to restock that shirt as soon possible. However, we carefully consider our stock levels and orders and consistently have decent amount of stock. If what you want is not in stock, we cannot guarantee we will restock it or when, we may have moved on to a new style, color, or design.

Our Bareskin Binders are proving to be highly difficult to keep in stock in the lightest two colors, but rest assured we put in for restocks as soon as we run out with our manufacturer (our turn around time with our manufacturer for binders is roughly 12 weeks).

Do you carry plus sizes/xs?

We do our best to stock a handful of plus sizes/xs in each of our designs. If you don't see your size listed, it may be sold out.

Some of the specific colors/styles we print on do not come in this full range of sizes but we try our best to find suitable replacement shirts in a comparable color/design if you request a size we don’t have in stock.

Where do you print your shirts?

We print most of our shirts ourselves! Isn't that so cool? You're not only supporting two entrepreneurs but you're supporting us making things?! You're really awesome. (Due to our printing everything ourselves there may be small defects in our prints from time to time but we try our best to only ship out products that pass our quality assurance tests).

Some of our designs however are fulfilled through a third-party drop-shipping company called Printful. Due to this some items will be shipped separately!

Where are your binders produced?

Our binders are produced by a local manufacturer in Texas.

What if something is wrong with my order?

If you have a problem with an order please reach out to us ASAP through our contact form or directly at Reaching out via social media is not the most effective way to communicate with us. Please do not use social media to ask about an order, direct those questions to us via email only.

Additionally, due to the large number of mistakes made when people input their addresses at check out PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING INFO BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ORDER!

What if my product looks different from the listing on your site?

We reserve the right to swap our shirt brands/colors when they are backordered through our wholesaler in order to expedite the processing/printing time -- we will always choose the shirt closest in fit/color available. Additionally, we print every shirt by hand so print placement, darkness, etc. may vary slightly. Please take care to wash your shirts inside out, using cold water only, and either hang dry or dry on delicate. Listings may feature mockups created in photoshop, which means that the real-life product isn't exactly what is featured in the mockup.

Binders may feature different lining/thread colors than listing reflects. Our binders also no longer feature a v-neck or seams on the shoulder straps, though some older photos may be used in marketing.

Can you help me find the right size binder?

We have a "Need help picking a top?" page for our Bareskin Binder with several resources for finding the right color/size for yourself. But please don't hesitate to email us with any questions!

Can I exchange my binder if I get the wrong size?

We do not accept international returns/exchanges, unfortunately, so those sales are final (international shipping can be unreliable but it is also very expensive to facilitate exchanges). If you are domestic and ordered the wrong size/color, please contact us to see if we have your desired binder in stock -- we will ask you to return your binder to us and we will add you to our list of exchanges (tracking information must be included in your email to us so we can track your return). Due to the nature of our binder sales (they sell out quickly) your exchange will either be fulfilled with another binder/exchange if we have your desired size/color in stock, or you will be given store credit for the amount of your purchase (minus shipping).

Take care to try your binder on without stretching it out roughly and with a clean body so as to not mark up the material in case you need to exchange it, we inspect all returns upon receiving them. If your binder is damaged, dirty, or has been worn more than to try on please do not attempt to return it to us, you will not receive a refund or exchange if you return a binder that is not in like-new condition.

*Our first priority is getting people in the correct size garment, but we only accept full returns if someone happens to fall outside our size range (aka they order a binder and our XXS ends up being too big or the XXL is too small on them) and the binder still must be in like-new condition. If someone orders several binders because they are unsure of sizing we can make an exception for a return in that scenario if they opt to send the one(s) that aren’t the proper fit back.

How did you price your binders?

A little about pricing: Our pricing was chosen very carefully to keep our product competitive while also allowing us to support the people we have through the process. Our tops are manufactured domestically (and locally, supporting a local Texas small business) by a female/minority owned business. We also sourced high quality and durable materials that are meant to last. Additionally a portion of each purchase is donated to our fundraising efforts — all of these factors influence our pricing.

How do I wash my binder?

There are instructions on the interior tag of the Bareskin Binders, but we recommend hand-washing your binder with cold water and mild detergent then lying it flat to dry.

General size chart for most of our shirts