Flavnt Bareskin Binders: The Original Nude Binder

Bareskin Binder Sizing Help

From ideation through the entire manufacturing process we perfected and tweaked our binder until it was as close to perfect as we could possibly get it and we are beyond stoked about the result. We wanted to bring y’all a product that improved the things that we didn’t like about other binders on the market as well as creating a line that was inclusive of a variety of sizes and skin tones -- and so far we've received raving reviews. We've already expanded beyond our 5 nude options to 2 neutrals this round — and have so far added XXS and XXL to our line, but we hope to continue expanding in the future!

From left to right:

Spencer wearing an XS Rose binder (he/him)

Vic wearing a Large Sand binder (she/her)

Kenny wearing a Medium Copper binder (they/them)

Leo wearing an XL Umber binder (he/him)

Bareskin Binder Stock Update

While our idea hit the scene in the summer of 2015, our binders hit the market in October of 2016 and have been selling out faster and faster ever since (they have sold out in less than 2 hours during certain launches). Each time we sell out, we place a larger order with our manufacturer -- but we have to wait the 8 week turnaround time for production. We announce on social media ahead of time when the drop date/time will be next, so if you don't see our binders for sale currently (or they're sold out) that means they're coming soon! So be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our updates on release dates.

A Little About The Project

For a while we had thrown around the idea for a ftm/masculine-of-center swim top. Years of personal experience with heightened dysphoria during the summer and seeing others struggle to find an appropriate top to wear while swimming and not seeing any adequate options spurred us to create a solution. 

Our solution was the Bareskin Binder. We combined the silhouette of a traditional half binder and compression sports bra to create a comfortable top that binds but still lets you get a tan and feel closer to being shirtless than anything else out there. We offer this top in a range of skin tones so that the wearer can have a passably topless "masculine" aesthetic, this is theoretically less visually triggering than wearing a bikini top, sports bra, traditional binder, or shirt and allows for more confidence and comfort. Our Bareskin Binder is also intended to be worn for every day activities not just swimming or summertime.

In November of 2015 we launched our Kickstarter for the Bareskin Binder -- an inclusive nude colored binder that included a range of skin-tones, something that hadn’t been done before. Thanks to 766 backers, we successfully funded our project through Kickstarter in December 2015 (making this the second most funded trans-related project in Kickstarter history) and began selling en masse in October of 2016. Through our kickstarter backers, we were able to gather information from our community about their color, sizing, and fit preferences — leading to over 700 individual stats that we were able to use to create our first prototype. In addition to those backers’ input, we created our binder with over 20 years of binder-wearing experience, 50+ years of bra-wearing experience, 30 years of sportswear experience, chest sizes from AA-G, and even tested prototypes on Breast implants because why the hell not. Our binder was the first nude range available and the first racerback — 2 innovations that forced the market, in general, to become more inclusive, especially for people of color who were not included in “skin tone” binder options. Though our binder was launched at the end of 2016, we have already made 2 silhouette changes and changed manufacturers all based on customer feedback in the past 3.5 years and plan to continue to improve along the way!

Our production is done through a domestic manufacturing team here in Austin that is run by a woman of color. We've always been about supporting local, small, female, and minorities so working with our manufacturer was a no-brainer.

A Little About Our Pricing

Our pricing was chosen very carefully to keep our product competitive while also allowing us to support the people we have through the process. Our tops are manufactured domestically (and locally, supporting a local Austin small business) by an all-female team and a female/minority-owned business. Each binder is sewn by hand, so please keep this in mind if you see any stray threads — these should not affect the quality of the binding provided, but are simply a by-product of being sewn by a small manufacturing team. We also sourced high quality and durable materials that are meant to last. Not to mention that 15% of each purchase (roughly $5 from each binder) is donated to our fundraising partner!

Not only was this idea innovative because you can wear the top to swim in and feel shirtless, but it also comes in multiple skin tones making it less noticeable for everyday wear -- allowing you to feel more confident from poolside to the bedroom. When we hit the market with this concept no other binder on the market provided this option of something as simple and subtle as matching your skin tone, so we changed that.

*Binding should be done at your own risk, we do not assume any responsibility for injuries incurred while wearing our binder*

It is not recommended to wear a binder to sleep, to do vigorous activities in a binder, or to wear a binder for extended periods of time.