Dunhill's Not Done Yet

Our initial goal for our #supportdunhill campaign was met in record-time for one of our partnerships — in just over 3 months we raised her entire initial goal of $1500. Upon meeting up with Dunhill in the last few weeks she informed us that her insurance has denied coverage for her gender-affirming breast augmentation surgery due to her not being on HRT, this changes things and we insisted on continuing her campaign.

The reality of healthcare, and specifically trans healthcare, is that often things are out of our control and we can do something as amazing as help someone save up their goal amount to only realize that goal has doubled overnight. We believe everyone in this community and all of those who have supported FLAVNT will agree that we need to finish what we started and help Dunhill reach her new goal of $3,000 (if you’re new to our fundraising partnerships we agree to raise up to half of an individual’s goal and with insurance no longer helping cover her procedure that brings the cost up to around $6000 now).

This partnership with Dunhill has been an amazing one and we are very lucky to have met her and continue to help her as much as we can — with the help of our amazing customers. She’s been unbelievably active and supportive of what we do at FLAVNT, she’s partnered with our good-friend Aiden several times for some beautiful photoshoots, and she has inspired us on the daily with her unapologetic self-love. To say we have learned a lot from this partnership so far is an understatement, and we hope you all feel the same.

As we make our way to Philadelphia this week for our favorite time of year — PTWC — we can’t wait to see a lot of you in person, to vend in person (we rarely get that opportunity and it’s so much more fun to have face to face interactions with customers because at the end of the day we are people people and we just wanna hang and be friends with each and every one of you). As always 15% of sales will be donated right to our fundraising partnership (which means to Dunhill), which applies to in-person sales as well so if you’re in the Philadelphia area please come by and snag some gear or just say hi!

We have no doubt we can knock out the rest of Dunhill’s extended fundraiser in the coming months which means that we could be looking for our 13th partner as soon as this Fall. Keep following along, and be on the look out for binder updates in the coming weeks — we know that’s our most commonly asked question, when they’ll be back in stock, and we have been making progress on our updated prototype with our new manufacturer and hope to have them available soon. We appreciate your patience and continued support and as always, don’t be afraid to FLAVNT yourself, you’re the reason we do what we do!


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