Music Monday: Week 5

Hi y'all! Yoomi here! Shout out to the twins for letting me create a guest playlist for this week's Music Monday! I'm known to be into a pretty wide range of music and love to find new artists before they blow up (oh how hipster of me). This week I tried to create a more fun mood but with a little mellow because I'm currently on an upswing but love introspective ballads because really, who doesn't love sappy love songs?

1. All of the People by Panama Wedding
2. Piano Song by Eryn Allen Kane
3. This Time (Serious Symptoms, Simple Solutions) by Jarryd James
4. It's All in Vain by Wet
5. Coming Home (Live) by Gavin James
6. I Was Made for Loving You by Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran
7. Lonely People by Orla Gartland
8. Bottle it Up (Acoustic) by Sam Hunt
9. Feels by Kiiara
10. That One Song by Gnash ft. Goody Grace
11. Anchor by Sophia Black

Panama Wedding is a surprise to me in the sense his sound isn't my normal taste but something about his voice and lyrics just have me smitten. His newest EP has some of my new favorite tracks. 

"Piano Song" by Eryn Allen Kane is just beautiful. The trumpets on this track gives me chills every single time. The triplets are insane. Also, her voice is just amazing as hell. 

Jarryd James is a newcomer from the land down under and works with Lorde's producer. "Blue eyed soul" as they called way back, his sound is more reminiscent of old-school R&B with contemporary pop theory. His voice and the lyrics on "This Time" make me weep. 

Wet is getting even more popular with every track they put out. "It's All in Vain" is already a great standalone track but this remix of it just makes it even better. I'm a sucker for a badass remix. 

Gavin James opened for Sam Smith on his global tour and this Brit's got some sick range. His latest EP contains his single "For You" that hits all the feels. I picked "Coming Home" for you because it shows how great he sounds live, plus the lyrics remind me that it's so globally human to feel what he's singing about. 

Anybody that knows me knows how much I LOVE Tori Kelly. I met her a few years ago while shooting Scooter Braun's SXSW showcase and her personality in real life solidified my love. She worked with Ed Sheeran (because of course they're tight) on this track and I swear I need a girlfriend that sings so we can record a duet cover of this and fall deeper in love. Too much cute in one song. 

I first saw Orla Gartland at SXSW 2015 in a room at Maggie Mae's while waiting to shoot Halsey's set. I popped in for a quick sit and was instantly captivated by her pop style but something about how her melodies and lyrics just do it for me. Plus, a name like Orla makes me feel solidarity with her. 

Oh Sam Hunt, his style. I shot his set at the Spotify House at SXSW 2015 and those jeans... Definitely doesn't dress like your average country singer but that's probably why I like him so much. "Bottle It Up" is off his acoustic mixtape and I love the feeling that he describes. When you're in a terrible spot, sometimes you just want to be able to go back to the good times. Definitely a lake song for me this summer. 

So Kiiara first popped up on one of my discover weekly playlists (which you should also subscribe too by the way) and Rookie let me know about "Feels" last night. Excuse me while I wallow in mine as I listen to this song. 

Gnash is mostly known for his sadder, breakup, heartbreak songs, which I am all for all the time. But this song is literally the cutest thing ever and I'm so excited to sing it to someone special in the future. (Yes ladies, I am single, so you know...)

"Anchor" by Sophia Black is another discover weekly gem! She's super active on Twitter and recently tweeted at me after I shared this track online. Obviously I'm a sucker for haunting voices and a badass beat. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this week's playlist and if you wanna check any more of the music I listen to or go shoot, follow me on Spotify! 


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