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"Period panties" have been blowing up recently, currently there are a handful of new brands launching period proof underwear on Kickstarter and there have been a few that have already successfully launched to help aid women during Shark Week. One of the first brands to target the market was THINX with their period proof underwear . Below is a screenshot of what their underwear is and how it works:

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Not only does THINX help people during their menstrual cycles, they are a socially conscious brand. THINX is partnered with AfriPads, so for every pair of underwear that is purchased, they donate to AfriPads to "train women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads, turning local women into entrepreneurs". Periods can cause women in developing countries around the world to miss school to stay home because they don't have access to hygiene products, so this is a solution to help these young women and girls stay in school while also teaching them a trade.

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THINX recently came out with a statement addressing the fact that their company slogan was not gender inclusive, since they had marketed solely towards women:

"We at THINX admittedly contribute to this misconception. We wear our tagline, “For Women with Periods,” with great honour. We are proud feminists, and our mission, as a company, is to empower girls and women around the world.

But this week—Transgender Awareness Week—we are humbled. We feel it is our responsibility to remind ourselves, and all of you, that menstruation is not a trait of, nor a defining factor of, a specific gender. It is something that can occur amongst all people.

Over the past few months, we have received countless messages from the transgender community. We have received gentle reminders that women aren’t the only ones with periods (“she” isn’t the only one who “THINX,” if you will). These testimonials express the overwhelming challenges that come with gender dysphoria as a result of menstruation. We often forget that in the case of a female to male transition, periods don’t stop coming every month. For the trans* community, the cycle isn’t just a petty inconvenience as it is for so many of us, but rather a frequent, discomforting reminder of an ongoing battle."



This openness towards inclusivity and making steps towards changing their brands' message not only makes THINX more politically correct, it makes the brand a safe space for trans and nonbinary people to shop with during their time of the month.

Check out THINX's website and their original blog post talking about People with Periods vs. Women with Periods.

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