We Love Wednesday: Beefcake Swimwear

We Love Wednesday: Beefcake Swimwear


We know a thing or two about trying to fill a much needed void in the apparel industry -- specifically when it comes to swimwear and people who fall outside of the binary. A year and a half ago we launched our kickstarter campaign for our Bareskin Binders and successfully funded the very first range of nude binders (that were also specifically designed for swimming). While our Bareskin binders fill a niche for masculine of center people seeking an option to hide/disguise their chests -- they aren't perfect for everyone and that leaves room for people to create other options in the swimwear market. 

We recently came across the kickstarter campaign for Beefcake Swimwear and were super pumped that we did. Check it out for yourself below: 


In their own words - "Beefcakes are confident, strong, stylish folks who want swimwear that combines fashion and function. We believe Beefcakes can be any gender, so why should their swimwear be binary? And we believe that swimsuits for Beefcakes should be high quality, affordable, available in a wide range of sizes, and manufactured in the USA." 

Image Credit: Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake Swimwear is bringing back the unisex one piece swimsuit of old to provide a gender neutral option that is both functional and allows the wearer to feel comfortable and confident. We could not be more excited about this idea and cannot wait to see where they take it. They have 60 hours left in their campaign but they have more than exceeded their initial goal of $10,500 (WHICH IS AMAZING!!!) and met 2 separate stretch goals meaning that they will have expanded sizing and color options in their initial launch of their suits. If you want to get in on these Beefcake suits before the rush, head over to their kickstarter and make a pledge. If not, make sure that you support queer people making queer projects by spreading the word and following their social medias/the project after the kickstarter ends. We LOVE that there is about to be another option out there for people who don't necessarily feel like they have anything to rock in the summer time.

Keep up with Beefcake Swimwear at beefcakeswimwear.com

Below is a review from a friend here in Austin who has already gotten to test out her Beefcake suit:

🏄🏼  I absolutely LOVE my new Beefcake Swimwear suit and the way it makes me feel!
🏄🏼   It fits perfectly so I would say that it's "true to size" with the measurements that were provided. 
🏄🏼   For the first time in my life, I feel ready to conquer the summer without insecurities and I don't have to sacrifice looking good for feeling good and vice versa. 
🏄🏼   Thank you so much to Mel Wells (owner/creator/designer of Beefcake Swimwear) for creating this product that will more than likely change a lot of people's lives. 

Image Credit: Michelle Solorzano Daly

Keep dreaming and keep creating, people, because these badass projects are what happens when you do.

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