We Love Wednesday: Stealth Bros & Co.

We Love Wednesday: Stealth Bros & Co.

Stealth Bros & Co. was founded by Brax and Miko, two transmen who wanted to create a Men's Luxury brand for other trans men in the community while also giving back to those in need. Their Dopp Kit is a convenient and stylish bag perfect for storing HRT supplies (such as needles, alcohol swabs, and testosterone bottles) or just your toiletries when you're on the go. 

Braxton is the Director of Operations of Stealth Bros & Co, while Miko is the Creative Director, both are co-owners. These Dopp Kits started as a means for Braxton to help raise money for his top surgery and he soon realized that Stealth Bros could help more than just him. Miko used his creative mind to help bring Stealth Bros to life, and as a photographer he helps provide the content you see on Stealth Bros instagram on a daily basis. 

Every purchase helps raise money for Brax and Miko's top surgery funds, and they have plans for a separate fundraising method to be implemented in the future for other trans men and their top surgeries. A lot like we do here at FLAVNT, 15% of each sale will help make someone's transition just a bit easier! 

Stealth Bros & Co. just launched in December but we have been thrilled to watch them explode all over our instagram feed. According to comments on their instagram they also have hopes to make a feminine product in the future as well. 

Be on the lookout in the future for some potential giveaways collaborations between us and Stealth Bros Co., and snag yourself a Dopp Kit from their site here

follow them on instagram @stealthbrosco

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