We Love Wednesday: TKitts

Back in September, we attended Philadelphia Trans Heath Conference and were lucky to be able to vend and meet hundreds of people both as customers but also as connections to other small businesses. One of our favorite parts of conferences and events such as PTHC is getting to network with like-minded queer people trying to leave their mark and make a difference within our community. One of the businesses that we got to know and learn from over the conference was TKitts, a great company run by a trans man named Cori that aims to make recovering from surgery a much less stressful and streamlined experience.

Cori started TKitts after his own experience recovering from top surgery -- he was confined to his room and relying on his parents to make trips to the pharmacy when he realized that there must be a better way. In Cori's words: "How many of us aren't even sure what medical supplies we need, what tape will hurt our already sensitive chests, and what bandages will work? How many of us look to our fellow brothers on the internet and ask for their advice? Every. Single. One of us."

That's what Tkitts can do for you, it can guarantee reasonable prices while giving you exactly what you need to recover...without ever having to leave your house or send someone else for you. 

Tkitts provides you with everything you need delivered to your door prior to your surgery date so you don't have to worry or think about it again -- all while giving back to the community. Not only is TKitts owned and operated by a trans person, TKitts gives back to our community through outreach, education, and a binder recycling program. 

We love TKitts and other brands like it because they saw a problem in our community and sought a way to solve it -- the only way to continue making strides and better products is to use our experiences and skills to continue creating and also support one another in our endeavors. We love to #SupportQueerBusiness and we hope that TKitts can help out some post-top surgery people who otherwise would be stressing over what to do and what to buy. 

For a more in depth unboxing of what comes in a TKitt, check out Chris' video below:

Check out TKitts on instagram @tkittscompany and shop for your own post-surgery kit at: http://www.tkitts.com/

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