We Love Wednesday: Young Fellow Clothing

On Wednesdays we want to bring y'all's attention to things that we love, whether that be other small businesses, queer projects, the latest movie we've seen and reviewed, or whatever we feel like you guys would like to hear/should know about. For our first "We Love" we want to talk about our favorite small queer business that you've probably seen us rave about for going on a year now: Young Fellow Clothing. 

Young Fellow Clothing is a small clothing brand run by the awesomely talented Liv Varney.

Liv is a graphic designer and artist who has used her skills to create YF and make some badass clothing. She screenprints all of her own designs by hand in her Macgyver-d printing studio resulting in some one-of-a-kind, quality, love-filled shirts and hats. Check out her shop at http://www.livvarney.com/shopyf/ along with her graphic design portfolio. And don't forget to give her a follow on instagram and facebook because her brand is definitely worth watching and supporting! 

Supporting other small businesses (especially queer ones) has been important to us from day one at FLAVNT Streetwear. Our community is filled with creative, motivated, and talented people who deserve support from their brothers and sisters, so it remains our goal to help lift up other people, projects, and brands. Check back every Wednesday to see more of the things that we love!

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