Bareskin Binders are back on February 8th at noon CST!

After over a year without them, our Bareskin Binders are back. They will be available on Saturday, February 8th at noon (12pm) Central Standard Time.

A little background on why it took so long to get our binders back in stock:
The last time we dropped our binders was October 2018 and we sold out almost immediately. We realized pretty quickly that our previous manufacturer could not turn around runs of binders fast enough for our demand and we wanted to find a manufacturer in Austin so that we could have face to face meetings.

Additionally, we had some improvements we wanted to make to our silhouette after two years of being on the market. So we took the time to develop a new prototype when we switched manufacturers. If you’re unfamiliar, manufacturing is a huge undertaking and something almost always goes wrong — there were several delays and bumps in the road, along with some inventory issues, but we wanted to have our binders back and available to the public early on in 2020, so we persevered.

Due to all of the delays, we haven’t been able to do a photoshoot with our Bareskin Binder 2.0, but we will be remedying that ASAP. If you’re in the Austin area and would like to model for a binder shoot in February, please send us an email. We would love to have you!

We appreciate everyone’s patience while our binders were out of stock and we are going to do our best moving forward to never have such a long wait between restocks.

Much love,
Courtney, Chris, and Drew
FLAVNT Streetwear

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