FLAVNT Friday 10/14/16: Bareskin Top Release Info + New Designs Dropping

Hey y'all! Today is a very exciting FLAVNT Friday because we have a lot to update you on! We know that some of you have been monitoring the progress of our Bareskin Tops very closely and we're happy to tell you that it looks like October 31 is going to be the day they finally hit the market!

From left to right: 

Spencer wearing an Extra Small Rose binder (he/him)
Vic wearing a Large Sand binder (she/her)
Kenny wearing a Medium Copper binder (they/them)
Leo wearing an Extra Large Umber binder (he/him) 

Almost a year ago we brought you the idea for our Bareskin Top – an inclusive nude colored binder that included a range of skin-tones, something that hadn’t been done before. We successfully funded our project through Kickstarter at the end of 2015 and have been hard at work ever since. 

From ideation through the entire manufacturing process we perfected and tweaked our binder until it was as close to perfect as we could possibly get it and we are beyond stoked about the result. We wanted to bring y’all a product that improved the things that we didn’t like about other binders on the market as well as creating a line that was inclusive of a variety of sizes and skin tones. We’re a small business (just two queer kids doing our best to live the dream and give back to the community) so creating a custom garment took longer than expected and allowed others in the binder market to run with our idea – but that’s okay! Competition is healthy and we knew it would happen, but we weren’t going to compromise our product and rush our timeline to try and beat the big guys in the game. We took our time and created a product that we couldn’t be more proud of and that has gotten so many positive reviews from the people who have gotten to try it out behind the scenes and we know that this is the best product of its kind on the market.

In our initial launch, our Bareskin Top will be available in 4 colors (Rose, Sand, Copper, and Umber) and 5 sizes (XS-XL) but we are looking to expand as quickly as possible to add even more diversity to our line. We’re growing this project from the ground up so expansion takes time, but we cannot wait to see where this product takes us. 

As with everything at FLAVNT, 15% of profits from every binder sold will go towards helping someone get gender confirming surgery. Right now any purchase at flavnt.com goes towards our #SupportChris campaign to help our very own @seethestarsablaze finally get top surgery in January of 2017!

Special shoutout to Heather for being our photographer and rocking the hell out of these photos.


We were gifted a couple boxes of blank t-shirts (shoutout to Ryan!) to print on so we will be taking custom orders for these specific shirts!

We have a variety of brands but they are all similar in quality (Gildan and Fruit of the Loom mostly).

To Order:

Head to flavnt.com and please choose the size/color shirt you want and then in the comments of your order let us know which design you would like printed on the shirt from the 4 choices below:

  • Gender Roles are Dead Tombstone
  • Gender Roles are Dead Skull
  • Wish You Were Queer
  • FLAVNT Logo Tee

These shirts will be made-to-order, so the turnaround time will be a little longer than normal but these will be one of a kind shirts (for only $20)!


We're also taking preorders for our favorite Gender Roles Are Dead skull sweatshirt, this year in forest green and our Charming as FVCK sweatshirt is coming back as well. Be sure to prep for the coming winter with some of our comfy sweaters!


We dropped a new design for the Lady Gayz out there courtesy of our resident Lady Gay, Courtney. This groovy, vintage-feel, triblend tee is going to be your new favorite. You're going to like it so much you won't even want to let your Gal Pal borrow it.

Sheesh, that's a lot of shit we've gotten done this week (not to mention all the new gear we dropped for Let Live Apparel -- which if you haven't check out our sister brand yet, what are you waiting for??).

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