FLAVNT Friday: 2/5/16

Hey y'all! Really exciting update this week! Aiden finally has a surgery date for his top surgery and it is definitely sooner rather than later -- Aiden will be getting top surgery on Thursday February 11. That means that we have 6 days to raise as much money as possible for him. In the 4 weeks that we've worked together thus far we've raised an astounding $653 together, which is so amazing. We're hoping to raise $250 more at least for Aiden in these final days, so please take the time to spread the word and pick up some clothes to benefit him! 

Following Aiden's surgery, we will be taking applications for our next partner for another week and will be picking our top 3 applicants on 2/18/16 and hope to have a new partner chosen by 2/21/16. So if you want to apply or know anyone who would be a great FLAVNT partner, please send them our way and have them fill out our application which can be found under the "Fundraising Application" link on our site!

More exciting news: We had our consult with a manufacturer in Fort Worth on Monday of this week that went really well and it looks like we are going to use them to manufacture our Bareskin Tops! This is awesome, because finding a manufacturer has been a long and strenuous process that has taken upwards of a year now and cost us a lot of money, so we are happy to have found some amazing people to work with. On that same note, we finally have all of the rewards in for our Kickstarter Rewards, so we are going to start slowly but surely sending those y'alls way. So be on the lookout for tote bags and drunk post cards, this is going to be fun! There are so many other things happening and our schedules have been beyond crazy lately, but we are super excited for the coming weeks! Check in next Friday for another update (hopefully with an update from Aiden on how his surgery went!)

Much love.

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