FLAVNT Friday: 3/19/16

We have some really exciting news regarding the Bareskin Binder! We received two prototype 2.0's in the mail yesterday and they look A-MAZ-ING! Chris has been testing them both out himself to make sure that they are up to our standard and are as fully functional and comfortable as possible. The prototypes vary in the lining used on the inside and the stitching, but aside from that the silhouette, outside material, and cut of the top has been almost completely finalized. 

The Bareskin Binder in action at Austin
Bouldering Project!

We will be sending our final tweaks back to our manufacturer by early next week and once we have a finalized prototype that we are all satisfied with (hopefully by the end of the month) we will begin production. The production timeline that we’ve been given looks like about 8-10 weeks which should put us on track to drop these bad boys by early summer! We will keep y’all in the loop but we hope that everyone is as excited as we are. Chris had a blast climbing in his today!

A couple questions we've been getting pretty frequently are:

  • What is the pricing going to look like? We can't give a definitive answer until the production is underway, but $50ish seems like a reasonable guess.
  • Will these work for larger chests? What has to be remembered is that mass cannot be erased -- it can only be redistributed. Larger chest can be compressed and flattened, but they cannot be completely gotten rid of -- even larger bodied cis guys can have large chests. Our binder will compress large chests as safely and effectively as possible.
  • When is the release date? Like we said, early summer is the goal. Once we get production underway we will have a more solid date, but we are hoping for early June.
  • Will it be safe to workout in this? We cannot condone working out in a binder for liability reasons, but we can say that you will know your body the best. The range of motion and comfort provided by this top is unparalleled by any binder on the market currently.

Aside from the Bareskin update, we finished up out first 2 weeks with Jett! Things have been going amazingly with our #SupportJett campaign, we raised $193 in the first 9 days! At that pace, we could reach our $2500 goal in 117 days! Additionally, we dropped a TON of cool new designs this month. Check out the pictures below if you don't believe us when we say how great these new products are!

Make sure you check out our new stickers (available in our Sticker Pack 2 and Super Sticker Pack) and our three new shirt designs! 15% of all purchases at flavnt.com go towards Jett's top surgery fundraiser. Great clothes for an even greater cause!

Check in next week for even more updates and blog posts. Until then, stay rad.

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