FLAVNT Friday: 8/5/16 #SupportChris

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, folks! We are FINALLY partnering with our very own Chris to raise money for his top surgery! 

I know what you're thinking... but he's already shirtless a lot of the time. Well, rest assured, he will be shirtless 100% of the time once he meets his top surgery goal and gets the chest he's always wanted. If that's not incentive enough to support this awesome man, then you can feel good about helping someone feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Not to mention the fact that he's a young trans small-business owner, who has (before his own fundraising) helped raise over $7500 for 5 other trans people's gender confirming surgeries. 

You can feel good about this cause, just like all of our previous partnerships. And we don't think it's outlandish to think that by the end of this 6th partnership we will have raised $10,000 for trans people in need. In case the people in the back couldn't quite hear: by January 2017 we bet that FLAVNT (and our loyal customers) will have raised 10k for gender confirming surgeries so far. That's fvcking incredible. 

And we could not do this without you! You are the reason we do what we do and you are the reason we can do what we do. Keep on keeping on with us, because we are changing the world as we know it every single day (and looking damn fine doing it). 

Now for something a little more trivial, but literally trivial because we are going to post 10 trivia facts about Chris that you may not know already to get to know your newest (but really not so new) FLAVNT partner! 

  1. If Chris could have any super power in the world it would be: the power to read people's minds. (bonus facts: in kindergarten Chris won the award for most curious kid in class, and his favorite super hero is The Flash)
  2. Chris hates chocolate but loves red velvet cake (we know, it doesn't make any sense)
  3. Chris (and Courtney) didn't make Elementary School choir
  4. Courtney taught Chris how to whistle when they were like 4-years-old
  5. Chris did ballet for one day before vowing never to go back
  6. His dog has 3 last names as her name: Rowling Granger Rhodes
  7. He considered the names Carter, Cayden, and Blaine before choosing the name Christopher
  8. Growing up he wanted to be a veterinarian 
  9. Chris really fvcking hates spiders, it's pretty embarrassing really
  10. He sometimes gets this weird Midwest type accent that makes no sense because he's from the South and has never been to the Midwest (ask him to say basketball, it's totally weird)
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