FLAVNT Friday: Best of Austin 2018

FLAVNT Friday: Best of Austin 2018

As some of you know, FLAVNT is based in Austin, TX -- a queer little oasis in the heart of the South. We love it here besides the things you'd expect an LGBTQ clothing line to dislike about the Conservative Lone Star State. For example, it's Summer 9 months of the year, the beers are cheap, we have access to tons of Mexican food, our San Antonio Spurs are close by, and most of the people are friendly. Another thing we love about Austin is the love for small business in the community down here, mom and pop shops are praised, brands with a cause are sought after, and there's always a queer party or two going on that hits our demographic. 

All of this lead up is to talk about the Austin Chronicle's Annual "Best Of Austin" list. Locals get to nominate businesses, establishments, brands, individuals, public figures, etc. for different awards and then you get to brag about being crowned the Best at whatever you do for the rest of the year! 

FLAVNT wasn't up for any awards, we didn't particularly fit any of the categories for which to be nominated, but we did get some individual nominations (Chris was up for best local YouTuber and our brunch page @abrunchofqueers on IG was up for Best Local Instagram). So you'd imagine we were a little surprised when we were scrolling through the winners, congratulating our friends on the wins they got, scribbling down names of restaurants we are now dying to try, when we got to the Critic's Choice portion of the awards and saw our name!! 

We ended up being named Austin's "Best Way to Flavnt Your Pride", which means that someone on the Chronicle or one of their contributors found us and thought what we were doing or our designs (or both) were cool enough to make up our very own category. We are so proud, humbled, and happy to be Austin's local fave queer brand. 

Check out the link below to see our little write-up as well as the other winners! 


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