FLAVNT Friday: Month 1 Recap of #SupportDunhill

Hey y’all! Happy #FlavntFriday!

We can’t believe we are almost 25% through 2019 already and 1 month into our campaign with Dunhill. In the first month of our partnership, we’ve raised just over $500 (clocking in at $518 to be exact). We were also lucky enough to get to have a photoshoot with Dunhill a couple weeks ago with our talented friend and photographer, Aiden.

Check out some of the photos below!

A couple more updates:

We finally dropped our collab designs with Chris (AKA @seethestarsablaze). If you haven’t snagged one yet, you definitely should because they’ve been flying off of the shelves!

Last but not least: Binders!

We are still working on getting binders back in stock, we are looking to streamline our manufacturing process to allow us to stock more binders and expedite our turnaround times. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we try to sort this out, and would very much appreciate continued support and understanding while we work through the hiccups. That being said, please try and refrain from commenting on social media/sending emails inquiring about binders — we probably receive 10+ of these comments/requests a day, and they flood our inboxes, burying our other customer service requests. We will continue to update everyone with info as it comes in about our binders, we PROMISE we are not withholding any info from y’all.

Thank you and TGIF!

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