FLAVNT Friday: Update 1/22/16

How is it 2016 y'all?? We certainly don't know where the time has gone, but this is going to be a HUGE year for us and we are so happy to have you all along for the ride!

So much has been going on over here at the FLAVNT HQ in the last month or so we figured we would give you a rundown of what's happened lately and what's going to happen with us soon:

As most of you know we had a successful kickstarter campaign, that money came through to us the first week of January, and we have now placed an order for the Give&Make tees, the gender roles are dead totes, postcards and stationery for assorted donation rewards! We are going to start with the rewards we can do without any physical merchandise in the next few days (virtual high fives, social media shoutouts, listing people as sponsors on our site, etc). We hope that we get the tees in soon so that we can start sending those out as well! As for the postcards, both of us over here at FLAVNT are currently doing the Whole30 diet which means no alcohol (the worst!) so we can't do the drunk postcards until February, but we promise you'll get them and they'll be ridiculous (and legible?). 

Also regarding the manufacturing of the Bareskin Top we currently have two manufacturers in mind, on in TX and one in FL. We are having a meeting with the TX manufacturer the first of February and that should give us a good idea as to our timeline (if we decide to work with them, fingers crossed that we do!).

For our shirts we found a new printer locally here in Austin and we are really excited about it! We previously went through a small printshop in Brooklyn (THAT WE LOVED) but shipping is expensive and we figured there's so many printshops in ATX that we need to try to work with to keep support small businesses! As a small business it's so important to get involved with and support other small businesses rather than cutting corners to try to cut costs, it all comes around to you in the end. Not to mention that this local printer uses all water based inks which is eco-friendly and just better all around!

We know we are out of stock of a lot of things, we should have Pretty Boys and Gal Pals as well as the Gender Roles cutoffs back in inventory before February, but those are listed for preorder on our site so you can buy them currently! We also have a few amazing new designs up our sleeves that we plan to get printed in February as well, so keep that in mind when you're buying Valentine's Gifts for that special someone in your life! (or for yourself. Treat yo'self, you deserve it).

On Saturday we are headed to San Antonio to do a photoshoot with a friend we have yet to shoot with but we are so stoked to finally be able to. She is gorgeous, y'all are gonna eat the pictures of her up, we just know it! 

Next week we are doing a local fashion show so hopefully we can snag some pictures at that to show y'all on our site! We are really excited though we don't know much about it but we love any excuse to push FLAVNT toward areas we haven't yet! 

Besides all that we have currently raised about $350 for Aiden so far in the first two weeks of partnering with him. We would love to raise at least $1k in this crash fundraiser, which we have less than a month to accomplish, so your continued support is appreciated!

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