Football, But Make it Gay

We have a new collab here at FLAVNT! We created 3 designs to help fundraise for our trip to Gay Bowl (think of it as the queer super bowl) in NYC in October. Chris and Courtney will both be flying to New York City to play on their respective teams from Austin (Courtney is on the Lady Capitals, Chris is on the Austin Capitals) and compete for the Gay Bowl XIX championship. Gay Bowl is held once a year and open to teams from across the country who are a part of the NGFFL (National Gay Flag Football League).

This league and this tournament are recreational (but VERY competitive), so all costs fall onto the players themselves, because of this we created these designs to fundraise to cover our flight costs. Our minimum goal for this fundraiser is to raise $750 by October 10 (the date of the tournament). If we meet and surpass that goal, we hope to donate additional proceeds to the Lady Capitals to help the rest of the team supplement some of their travel costs. The teams headed to Gay Bowl from Austin are made up of players from the ATXGFL (Austin Gay Flag Football League) which is a local nonprofit and amazing resource for queer people/athletes in Austin, TX.

Shop these three shirts above and then head to our shop page and pick up any of our other designs to help support FLAVNT and our #SupportDunhill campaign that is still going on!

Also, shoutout to Ryan Russell (NFL Free Agent) for coming out as bi a couple of weeks ago! 🏳️‍🌈

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