Music Monday: Week 11

We're gonna do something a little different this week... we wanted to share with you a new music video we are IN LOVE WITH. 

The song is Wasted Youth by FLETCHER, and the music video has one of our all time favorite lady gays in it, Shannon, aka "nowthisisliving" on tumblr/insta/youtube, etc. 

Now, we'll be real with you, we love anything with queer representation, but this is also just a fantastically shot/edited/produced video, and the song is rad as hell-- we have been jamming to the EP it's on for a while now in our office. 

You can only watch the video exclusively on W Magazine via this link. (Also read the article and share it, give FLETCHER some love on instagram and twitter, and check out her music on spotify, which we are linking below! Also also follow Shannon if you don't already because she's not only swoon-worthy, but super active online and we are forever dreaming of doing a photoshoot with her one day *sighs hopefully*).

Sharing FLETCHER with y'all seems more than appropriate during Women's history month, because we have to actively support our amazing female artists and lift them up! Go have a listen, you won't regret it. And watch the video, your little gay hearts won't be able to take the cuteness! 

PS- FLETCHER is playing a show in Brooklyn tomorrow night 3/7/17 if anyone in the NYC area wants to see her live! 


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