Welcome to the Newest FLAVNT Team Members!

Welcome to the Newest FLAVNT Team Members!

The Spring 2019 class of FLAVNT Streetwear reps have officially been announced! We have an overwhelming number of applicants that resulted in our largest class yet — 20 amazing and diverse reps from around the country (and a couple international ones)!

Please keep an eye out on instagram for posts from our new members, they will be sharing discount codes and FLAVNTing themselves all over the place, so take advantage and snag some discounted gear thanks to them. Using our reps discount codes helps keep our reps active and helps us gauge just how much engagement and momentum our representatives are driving towards our shop and our fundraising partnerships, so thank you for following them and using their codes.

If you applied and didn’t get picked this go around, or if you missed the application window, make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. We will be taking applications later this summer for another class of reps and would love to have you on board! In the meantime, make sure to spread the word about FLAVNT and pick up some gear, the best way to get a leg up on other rep applicants is to show that you’re already invested in the FLAVNT family and that you’ve supported our fundraisers.

Make sure to give our new reps some love and give them a follow. They’re all amazing people in our community and we’re so lucky to have them representing our brand!

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