We Love Wednesday: LUSH Cosmetics

Since Chris started T he has been a huge fan of LUSH cosmetics to help keep his skin clear and his body smelling great. But now we have even more reason to love them, since the launch of their new campaign, Trans Rights are Human Rights, this last week. LUSH has always been a very queer friendly employer and safe-space in general but now they're making sure everyone knows it. 

First things first if you don't know a lot about LUSH, here's the rundown. They make great skincare products, as well as cosmetics, bath bombs, etc. All without testing on animals and 80% of their products are vegan friendly (which we think is dope as heck). If you're looking for our personal opinion their Mask of Magnaminty is to die for and keeps your skin looking fresh and clear, Herbalism has never steered us wrong, and Grease Lightning will make sure any blemishes or pimples don't stick around. They also have body sprays, shampoo bars, body wash, bath bombs, the list goes on and on. We love this place, 'nuff said. 

 But the reason we are writing today is because of their latest campaign -- https://www.lushusa.com/story?cid=article_trans-rights-are-human-rights. LUSH released a new bath melt this week that's a cute little heart in trans colors (pink and blue) that 100% of the proceeds (you read that right, ALL of the proceeds) are being donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality. 

The bath melt is called "Inner Beauty" and is available while supplies last. LUSH stores will also have pamphlets throughout their displays titled "How to be a Trans Ally" for people to pick up and learn from. Much of the information and stories provided in the pamphlets and in the marketing materials online and throughout their stores is coming from Trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming LUSH employees themselves, which we think is pretty rad.

Some people are up in arms over this "political agenda" LUSH is putting out all over their social media, but we've never thought that being accepting and kind is a political agenda in the slightest, more so just being a decent human being. As mentioned above, LUSH has always been conscious and aware, and they've continuously had a product on their shelves called their "Charity Pot" described on their website as:

This gorgeous self-preserving body lotion does a lot of good—and not just for your skin! With a delicately floral perfume of ylang ylang and rosewood oils in a hydrating cocoa butter base, Charity Pot will leave your skin subtly perfumed and touchably soft. This rich and generous cream contains ingredients sourced from some of our Sustainable Lush Fund projects that support regenerative agriculture around the world.

With every purchase of Charity Pot, we donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. You end up with velvety, beautifully-scented skin AND you’re doing a world of good with every pot purchased—nicely done!

During their Trans Rights are Human Rights campaign their Charity Pot will be donating 100% of the purchase to "groups doing good, like those securing transgender rights." 

As a brief afterthought we would like to applaud whoever runs LUSH's social media for their patience in replying to many trolls and bigots on their pages, continuously standing behind this new campaign and trying to start a dialogue and promote understanding -- leading by example on how to be a good ally, advocate, and company all-around. 

We just checked their site once again, and even though this campaign just launched it seems as if they're sold out of the Bath Melts already, which is both great and bad news. Bad because we had hoped to snag one ourselves to enjoy and to benefit this great cause -- but it's good news because it shows just how much support there has been for this campaign and that's going to be great for their fundraising efforts for the National Center for Transgender Equality. 

Who knows, maybe they'll do an extended campaign or a second production run because these sold out so fast! What we do know is that LUSH is going to continue to make sales by standing up for what they believe in, which is something we can really get behind. 

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