We're (temporarily) closing shop

We advocate for mental wellness, self care, and prioritizing yourself and your business. That's why we're closing shop from September 9 - September 16.

During this week, we will be: 

Testing prints: Our fulfillment team will be working in the warehouse to do some test printing. We've been seeing some prints not hold as well as they should lately, and we want to fix that ASAP.  

Organizing…everything: As y'all know, we moved into a new commercial space a few months ago. We're still getting settled in, so we'll be using this week to wrap up. We'll also be planning sales for the rest of the year, set some goals for ourselves, and more. 

Designing new gear: Yep, you read that right — we'll also be working on new designs for fall, sourcing and testing different products, and organizing photoshoots for our upcoming gear. 

Practicing self care: We'll also be making time for ourselves during this week to relax and reset (and you should, too!). 

Of course we will continue to print any open orders from prior to our closing as well. Our hope is to be fully caught up on all orders when the shop reopens on September 17th!

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for always supporting our queer small business! We couldn't do this without you :)

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